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Community Impact

Community Engagement

At WYXR, we're more than just a radio station. We're a platform committed to serving our community's diverse needs. From reaching out to local neighborhoods and creating space for underserved populations, to fostering a love of music in our local schools, our community is always at the heart of our mission. We offer practical internships that provide hands-on experience in media, production, and non-profit sectors. Additionally, we engage our adult volunteers by offering meaningful opportunities to contribute to our community-focused mission.

Key Initiatives & Partnerships

One of the highlights of our initiatives is the annual Raised By Sound Music Festival, a winter event that celebrates the diverse musical tastes of Memphis. In addition to this festival, we host a range of live events, seminars, and awards aimed at spotlighting the unique sounds of our city, preserving its rich music history, and promoting emerging talent. Our partnerships reach across the city, including with educational institutions, nonprofits, and local arts organizations. These initiatives and collaborations allow us to showcase the vibrant, interconnected community that makes Memphis unique.

Our Impact

Our initiatives have a profound effect on the community. From the Dowd Awards that celebrate influential Black performers, to the 'Meeting in the Middle' seminar exploring the relationship between artists and fans, to the 'Stereo Sessions' that shine a spotlight on lesser-known Memphis musicians. Through these events, we create connections, foster growth, and spread appreciation for our city's musical heritage. We're not only facilitating dialogue but also creating experiences that resonate deeply with our community.

Meeting Diverse Needs

We're committed to serving diverse audiences. Our programming provides a platform for a multitude of voices, including POC DJ hosts and talk programs that address the needs of minority and diverse audiences. These initiatives demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity and representation. From our airwaves to our community initiatives, we strive to celebrate and uplift the many voices that make Memphis vibrant and unique.

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