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Wednesday, June 12th 6-8p

Stereo Sessions #3: The Bar-Kays, “Do You See What I See?”

Venue: Memphis Listening Lab

In 1972, The Bar-Kays released "Do You See What I See?", marking their resilience after a tragic 1967 plane crash. Hailing from Memphis, their blend of rock, funk, and soul shines in tracks like the titular song and "You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me." Their influence extends to hip-hop, sampled by artists like Black Sheep and Ice-T. Their backing for icons like Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes highlights their enduring impact on funk and soul.


Thursday, June 27th 5:30p

WYXR Dowd Awards

Venue: Cossitt Library

The WYXR Dowd Awards, now in its second annual celebration, stands as a testament to the vibrant tapestry of Memphis' rich musical heritage and its profound impact on the community. Named in honor of Nathaniel Dowd Williams (Nat D. Williams), a distinguished Memphis radio jockey and educator, the awards recognize individuals whose contributions extend beyond musical excellence into the realms of community service and cultural enrichment.


Wednesday, July 10th 6-8p

Stereo Sessions #4: Robert Clayborne, "Power To Overcome"

Venue: Memphis Listening Lab

"Power To Overcome" by Robert Clayborne, dropped in 1987, shines as a unique treasure in gospel funk and boogie. Rooted in Memphis music, Clayborne, a seasoned musician and vocalist, merges genres seamlessly. A key figure in The Memphis All-Stars, his impact on the city's music scene is profound. Collaborations with R&B icon Al Green, notably in albums like "I Can't Stop" and "Everything's OK," highlight his versatility.

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Wednesday, August 14th 6-8p

Stereo Sessions #5: Blackout, “Dreamworld"

Venue: Memphis Listening Lab

"Dreamworld" by Blackout has had a profound influence on Memphis rap and beyond. Known for its deep bass, broken hi-hats, and eerie synths, Blackout's production style has inspired future artists drawn to its haunting soundscape. The lo-fi production, capturing a nightmarish ambiance, has become a sought-after signature for many aspiring musicians.

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Wednesday, September 11th 6-8p

Stereo Sessions #6: Sid Selvidge, "Portrait"

Venue: Memphis Listening Lab

Sid Selvidge's 1969 debut album, "Portrait," on Enterprise Records, is a timeless masterpiece in country blues and folk. Hailing from the Mississippi Delta and deeply tied to Memphis, Selvidge embraced an intimate, uncompromising approach to music. His blend of folk and blues, influenced by 1960s coffeehouse anthems and African-American musical traditions, defines his unique sound.

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