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What kind of music is heard on WYXR?

As a freeform radio station, WYXR welcomes programmers of all genres and interests and encourages the discovery of music. Our programmers are given the room to explore without being beholden to one style or type of song. What you’ll hear will be a reflection of the creativity and diversity of our on-air volunteers.

What was that song that I heard on the station?

Most of our shows keep up-to-the-minute playlists. You can find those at the bottom of each DJs individual show page.

The last 20 songs played on WYXR can be viewed here.

How can I be involved with WYXR?

It’s funny that you asked! We’ve got a section of our site for anyone who’d like to “Get Involved!” Check it out to get more information about how to volunteer, either on-air or behind-the-scenes.

I signed up to be a volunteer. When will I hear from you?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at WYXR. Our volunteer coordinator is managing all volunteer applications. As WYXR expands its programming, we are constantly creating new opportunities for volunteers. Your application is important to us, and you will hear from us as soon as we have a suitable opportunity for you. Please note that volunteer events are posted on Volunteer Odyssey, and we recommend signing up there to receive alerts about new opportunities.

Will there be spots available on-air?

Yes, WYXR is always eager to explore new ideas and fresh perspectives. Although we have filled essential slots on our schedule with long-term, recurring programming, we remain open to considering new ideas with the prospect of expanding our on-air capacity. If you have a concept for a show, we'd love to hear it. Please email your detailed pitches, show demos, or any additional materials that could help us visualize your idea as a part of WYXR to Our program manager or a representative staff member will be in touch for any necessary follow-ups about your show.

Meanwhile, we invite you to consider volunteering off-air to support WYXR's mission. Please keep updated on potential volunteer roles by enrolling in our Volunteer Portal powered by Volunteer Odyssey. We value your contribution towards creating a diverse platform that reflects the unique culture, innovation, and experimentation that make Memphis special.

In what other ways can I get involved with WYXR?

The daily operations at WYXR will call for talents, well beyond hosting a music or talk radio show. Depending on your skill level, you could be a perfect fit for aiding our initiatives on social media, planning and coordinating events, operating and maintaining technology, providing support for on-air talent, facilitating hospitality for guests, fundraising, designing content and more. Don’t hesitate to fill out a volunteer application letting us know your existing skills or areas you’d like to grow by learning alongside other dedicated professionals.

Does WYXR offer internships?

Yes, WYXR offers internship opportunities for college students in the fall, spring, and summer terms. Our internships provide valuable experience in the community radio sector, and interns play a crucial role in our operations. If you're interested in learning more or applying for an internship, find out more here.

Where can I listen to WYXR?

In the Memphis area, we are on the radio dial at 91.7 FM. Online you can listen to us here on our website, via the TuneIn app, or download our iOS or Andriod app.

Why isn’t WYXR listed on my favorite radio app?

We need your help to make sure we are showing up everywhere on the internet. If you don’t see us in your favorite app, email with details on where you think we should be showing up. We will then try and listed there.

Can I donate my car to the station?

Yes! You can donate your vehicle that you no longer need to help us bring you more great programming on WYXR. It’s easy. And free to you! Here’s how to get started.

Is WYXR a college radio station?

Not quite. While the University of Memphis is a partner organization, along with The Daily Memphian and Crosstown Concourse, responsible for founding WYXR and the Crosstown Radio Partnership, WYXR is not a student-led radio station. It is, however, a station with a sincere investment in student-centered programming and exposure to career-tract learning opportunities.

In the future, WYXR plans to launch an additional feed, specifically for students, with the help of the university’s instructional coordinator, a staff role devised as a liaison between the classroom and the radio station. For now, although students don’t have a space at WYXR all to themselves, they do have a place within the communal fabric of the station, as well as a vital stake in the station’s vision and identity.

How does the Daily Memphian play a role in WYXR?

As founding partners in The Crosstown Radio Partnership, The Daily Memphian acts as the resident news source, contributing routine daily news updates, as well as on-air breaking news alerts. Additionally, multiple members of The Daily Memphian’s staff participate in programming music and talk shows.

How does Crosstown Concourse factor in?

Crosstown Concourse is the location from which we conduct our broadcasts. We have been broadcasting from within the Crosstown Concourse for over 2 years now. You are welcome to look in our window and see what we are up to. We are proud to be a part of this vibrant community and look forward to being your neighbor.

If I missed my favorite show, can I get another chance to hear it?

Yes! WYXR's archives have the last few weeks of episodes for every show at If you miss a show, you can always go back and listen to it later. Stay tuned for more details on how to access our programming.

I don’t live near Memphis. How can I listen to WYXR?

No problem at all! You can listen to WYXR from anywhere in the world. All of our shows are available for streaming on our website's 'Shows & Archives' pages. We also have an app available where you can listen to our broadcasts and access our archives. This ensures that no matter where you are, you can always stay connected with WYXR.

How do I get information about promoting my business while supporting WYXR at the same time?

Although WYXR is a non-commercial radio station, we offer opportunities for businesses to support our programming through sponsorships. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, please email To assist us in handling your request, please include in your email:

  1. The name of your business and the services or products you offer.
  2. Any specific programs or types of programming you are interested in sponsoring.
  3. Your intended timeline for the sponsorship. We generally prefer a commitment of at least three months.
  4. Your contact information so we can follow up with more detailed information.

By sponsoring WYXR, you'll be contributing to the richness and diversity of our community-focused programming, while also reaching our dedicated and passionate audience.

I’m a local artist who would like to be featured on WYXR. Can I submit my music to be played?

Sure. Our programmers are expected to rely on their own discretion when deciding which songs to add to their on-air playlists. And we’d like them to play the music they enjoy and feel most confident about sharing. However, we are enthusiastic about having a wide library of local music to make available to our programmers, as well as to incorporate during our automated hours. Send .mp3 and .wav files to

Note: All submissions must meet the  guidelines for the FCC, which forbids the broadcast of content which could be deemed as offensive, obscene or indecent.

I’m a local artist who submitted music. Did you get? Did you play it?

Each song that comes through to, is reviewed by a group of our DJs who play Memphis music. You can check their playlists to see if your songs were featured. Those shows include:

When can I expect to receive my pledge drive merchandise?

Firstly, thank you for your support during our pledge drive! As a token of our gratitude, we send out merchandise to certain donation levels. If your donation level included merchandise, please note that due to the volume of pledges we receive and processing times, it could take up to 6 weeks after the pledge drive concludes for you to receive your items. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to fulfill these orders. If you have any further questions about your pledge or the merchandise included with your donation, feel free to reach out to us.

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