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WYXR Internship Program, sponsored by the FedEx Arts Program

Hands-On Experience in Community Radio

Sponsored by the FedEx Arts Program, the WYXR Internship Program provides Memphis-area students with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the daily operations of community radio. Interns develop essential professional skills in broadcast media, nonprofit business, community outreach, event planning, graphic design, public relations, marketing, and branding.

Immerse Yourself in a Vibrant Community

Interns immerse themselves in a vibrant working environment at WYXR Headquarters and Studios at Crosstown Concourse, where they collaborate with a staff of four, a corps of more than 90 volunteers, and a diverse community of listeners. Through these interactions, interns expand their networks and gain insights into the roles and careers that impact communities.

Personalized Project-Based Learning

Based on each student's existing skills, interests, declared major, and desired career path, WYXR staffers guide participants in project-based tasks associated with WYXR's FM radio product, promotional campaigns, and major public activations. These include events, such as Raised By Sound Fest, DOWD Awards, and biannual Pledge Drive fundraisers.

Specialized Tracts

To streamline the student experience, participants designate their interest in one of two tracts: public relations or production. Interns are assigned separate duties according to their selection.


Production student interns work with WYXR staff and volunteers to:

  • Produce on-air live radio broadcasts

  • Manage song playlists for distribution to listeners and performance rights organizations

  • Train DJs and hosts to properly use and maintain equipment

  • Edit content in multi-track digital audio workstations

  • Schedule pre-recorded shows and sponsor messaging for air

  • Record voiceovers for overnight and early morning broadcasts

  • Produce and playback audio at live community events

Public Relations

Public relations student interns work with WYXR staff and volunteers to:

  • Produce, schedule, and post social media content promoting WYXR initiatives

  • Plan and host WYXR public events

  • Design and distribute internal and external communications, such as newsletters, handbills, flyers, banners, and brochures

  • Assist WYXR DJs during Pledge Drive fundraisers

Launch Your Career

The WYXR Internship Program is a valuable opportunity for students to gain real-world experience in the field of community radio. Interns develop the skills and knowledge they need to launch successful careers in media, communications, and other related fields. Email your resume and cover letter to if interested. 

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