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Just Bluffin’

Jul, 09 2024

Stacey Saed with Annestasis

“A home is a part of a family.”   On this episode of Just Bluffin, we chat with Annestatis owner Stacey Saed about compassion-forward relocation. Deep emotions and feelings come with packing, moving and leaving a home, and Stacey tells us about her kind and humanitarian approach to this process. We also learn about a sweet memory she made with her daughter at the National Civil Rights Museum.


Just Bluffin’ is a Campfire Collective podcast co-hosted by Shannon Briggs and Cecilia Fay. It’s produced by Sophie Townsend and sponsored by Cecilia Fay Creative, and a part of the WYXR Podcast Network. The podcast is recorded in-studio at the University of Memphis in partnership with the Meeman Department of Journalism and Strategic Media. Artwork by Elizabeth Berglund. Music is by local Memphis musician and PR professional Jeff Hulett and audio editing is by Keep It 100 Productions. Photos by Erica Haskett.

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