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WYXR’s Meeting in the Middle Seminar

WYXR’s Meeting in the Middle invites artists, music industry professionals, savvy fans, and students interested in music careers to join in vital conversations about key topics relating to creativity and business. Hosted annually at The University of Memphis, the conference and networking mixer removes the barrier between aspiring music business pros and the community of veteran leadership in the industry, which remains one of the most important drivers of commerce in the Memphis Metro area. 

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Panel 1: Diverse Frequencies: Community Radio’s Resonance in Memphis

Explore the vital role of community radio in shaping Memphis' musical identity. Moderated by Anna Traverse, CEO of Contemporary Media Group, this panel features Christopher Blank (WKNO), “Brother” John Best (WQOX), and Liv Cohen (WYXR). Discover how these local stations foster community, support local artists, and maintain the city’s rich musical heritage through diverse programming and grassroots engagement.

Panel 2: Feeling Our Way Forward: Navigating Music Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Join moderator Jasmine “Jazzy Lo” McCraven, host of WYXR’s “The Lo End Theory,” as she leads a discussion with Kid Maestro, Talibah Safiya, and Chris Townsend. This panel will delve into the challenges and opportunities of music entrepreneurship in Memphis, exploring innovative strategies and forward-thinking approaches. Gain insights into how local artists and industry professionals are navigating the evolving music landscape, leveraging technology, and driving creative growth.


Meeting in the Middle 2023

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