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Thursday | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

The Mystic

Feb, 13 2024

S1E34: The Art of Parent-Child Love Relationships with Mysticians and Artist Stuart Sheldon

The Mystic panel shares their parent-child relationships in succinct and fabulous ways with artist Stuart Sheldon. 

 (b. 1963, Miami) Stuart Sheldon is a multimedia artist and podcast host best known for immersive installations and collage paintings exploring literature and social justice. Sheldon's gun-sense billboard, How Was School Today?, in collaboration with the artist collective, For Freedoms, earned him a 2018 Ellies Creator Award from Oolite Arts, honoring “the backbone of Miami’s visual arts community.” His Swan Dive Podcast features guests from all walks of life who made a major life change to chase their dream.  

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