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Thursday | 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Faithfully Memphis

Dec, 07 2023

Jared Barnett and Bishop Phoebe

Unlike business, medicine, and many other sectors that have objective processes for measuring outcomes, the poverty-fighting ecosystem simply hasn’t. This has made it nearly impossible to know which programs and services most effectively reduce social and economic gaps. Slingshot Memphis has addressed this by developing a new, standardized methodology to measure poverty-fighting effectiveness. Join Bishop Phoebe on Faithfully Memphis tomorrow for a conversation Slingshot CEO Jared Barnett, whose unique leadership style, expertise, and passion for combatting poverty in Memphis is helping Slingshot - through their MemWorks initiative - identify the root causes of employment roadblocks for Memphians experiencing poverty so evidence-based solutions can be implemented to enable pathways to economic mobility.  We also learn about St. Ambrose, whose feast is celebrated on December 7.

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