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WYXR Sponsorship

Join us on our journey of discovering the music and culture of Memphis.

WYXR is a community radio station that brings together music, arts, culture, and news. Our freeform radio station encourages discovery through music and supports programmers of varying genres and interests. Our on-air volunteers reflect the creativity and diversity of our community.

Group photo of many WYXR volunteers

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Your brand associated with Memphis arts and culture icons
  • Engage a targeted audience in a diverse environment
  • Brand appreciated by thousands of listeners by making favorite programs possible
  • Customized packages reflecting your priorities for a real difference


  • 88% of public radio listeners have a more positive opinion of a company when they find out that it supports public radio.
  • 62% of listeners think that your company is more credible when they learn that you support public radio.
  • 80% of public radio listeners prefer to buy products from companies that support public radio.

WYXR Audience:

  • 43% 18-44 years old
  • 54% 45+ years old
  • Evenly distributed between male and female
  • 11% listeners who identify as LGBTQIA+
  • 55% Longtime Memphis resident
  • 25% Business owners and professionals
  • 27% Creative individuals
  • 55% of WYXR FM audience is between ages 25-44
  • FM Listeners within a 100 mile broadcast radius of Memphis
Group photo of four people playing with a turntable

Sponsorship Opportunities

Broadcast Message Sponsorships

Broadcast message sponsorships is an effective way to:

  • Connect with our radio listeners
  • Bring awareness to your events, services, product, or brand
  • Reach a diverse audience
  • Build a quality connection to our community
  • Reach an engaged target audience

At WYXR, we appreciate the support of our funders and recognize their contributions through personalized messaging that identifies the businesses and organizations that share our mission.

These 15-second or 30-second messages include our preamble, “Support for WYXR comes from…” plus a value-neutral description of your company or non-profit, your product, service, or event. No additional costs are incurred for production of these pre-recorded messages.

More information regarding broadcast message sponsorship package pricing can be found here.

Discover the power of your brand's voice with our impact reports.

We provide a transparent view of your campaign's performance. Through our impact reports, you grasp the reach and impact of your campaigns, empowering you to strategize future decisions.

Podcast Network

Strengthen your brand by promoting social responsibility, engaging niche audiences, fostering local connections, and benefiting from targeted, cost-effective advertising.

Packages can include:

  • Pre-roll on our podcast network
  • Pick a specific show to sponsor
  • Work with WYXR to create podcast segments about your brand

Digital Messages

Boost your brand with our digital messaging solutions, featuring sponsor placement in our newsletter and WYXR app.

Packages can include:

  • Sponsor placement in our newsletter that reaches 2400+ engaged subscribers
  • Placement in WYXR iOS and Android mobile app

Event Sponsorships

Two people performing music: a guitarist and a singer.

Boost brand exposure and community engagement through sponsoring WYXR's captivating events like:

Packages can include:

  • Logo inclusion on all event marketing materials
  • Reserved seats at events
  • Daily/weekly on-air broadcast messages
  • WYXR merchandise
  • $ varies

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